A School Concept Developed from Experience with Early & Middle Colleges

  Dr. John Eldridge has led Chatham Charter School for the past 10 years after serving as a regional superintendent in Guilford County Schools and a principal in Chatham County Schools. With the creation of Central Carolina Academy, Dr. Eldridge is the Superintendent of both schools. Thirty years of experience in education has afforded me the opportunity to work in some innovative systems. While working in Guilford County I was stunned to see the number of early and middle college students earning enough college credits to be considered a sophomore in college. When I was given the opportunity in 2012 to return to Chatham County to create a high school expansion at Chatham Charter, my most important goal was to give the students in our rural community the same opportunities the students in larger systems were given with regard to higher levels of rigor and to experience life at the college level. In my humble opinion, students will rise to whatever we expect of them. Since the high scho

Beyond What We Envisioned 25 Years Ago

Julia-Brent Milholen is one of the founders of Chatham Charter School. As a member of the central services team that will work with Chatham Charter and Central Carolina Academy, she will focus on student admissions and the Board of Directors.  The campus itself is not so different from what we dreamed back in the early 1990s. However, when I reflect back on the last 25 years, the positive impact it has had on the community has exceeded what I could have imagined. The students, staff, and families who have come through Chatham Charter have formed bonds and connections that are unique. Many of us would never have even crossed paths had we not been together here, especially because we draw from so many surrounding communities. I also recognize how much the school has helped our community and the people who work here during periods of time when the economic climate of Siler City was distressed.  When the founders of this school began to discuss what we would like to build, it was a K-12 s

School Framework

Central Carolina Academy is a public charter school serving grades 6-12 that offers a unique and challenging blend of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Academically, students will have the opportunity to flourish in a standards-based instructional environment that will provide the foundation for success at both the college and career level. To that end, all high school juniors and seniors will be earning dual college and high school credits in core subjects and/or earning credits and career training in community-based internships. The CCA academic approach is based upon all students attaining the foundation for success in middle school, high school, college and beyond. Furthermore, CCA is founded upon the principles of offering extensive activities outside the traditional classroom, including clubs, activities and athletics. While academic success is at the core of the school’s mission, it is the belief of CCA educational leadership that a comprehensive middl

Welcome to the CCA Blog

Welcome to the Central Carolina Academy Soaring Eagles Blog. In anticipation of the school beginning to accept applicants on January 1, 2022 and in preparation for the school to open in August of 2022, lead administrator Greg Batten will be posting blog entries on various topics of interest. They will include goals for the school in general as well as specific academic topics.